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Research programmes

Many different research programmes are now well under way. Each of them highlights in their own way the development and links between scientific, creative and educational projects, which are often experimental and creative.

AZQWERTY - Writing and creative media

Led by Caroline ANGÉ, Isabelle KRZYWKOWSKI

This programme proposes to analyse the practices of creativity in relation with medias. This includes the field of digital media writing focussing on the ordinary, with a cross section of platforms such as tweets, blogs, travel journals, fanfictions, comics and participatory writing. By bringing together the methodologies brought to the forefront in literary analysis, science of information and communication, humanities and social sciences concerning writing this programme aims at working on the modes of constructing the ima-ginary of « text » and the social, cultural and political issues it raises.

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Translation - creation workshop


This program aims to explore creative practices through translation, by bringing together researchers from different fields (French language and stylistics, performing arts, foreign languages, French and Francophone literature, ancient languages, translatology) and/or researchers with people from different professional backgrounds (translators, writers, actors, directors, etc.). However diverse the points of view that may be adopted on the translated text, the methodological bias of this program is to build knowledge from observation and experimentation, whether individual or collective, of the creative practices at work in and through translation. In particular, the program proposes a series of workshops, aimed at different types of audience, designed to bring out the creativity at work in translation and the imaginary dimension of language representation, and likely to provide support for research (research-creation). Particular attention is paid to the collective dimension of translation-creation, as well as to translation in the French-speaking context and translation for the stage, without this being exclusive to other fields.

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ECLAIR - Choreographic Experiences, an artistic place inscribed in research

Led by Lucie BONNET, Martin GIVORS, Gretchen SCHILLER

This programme articulates the practical, theoretical and cognitive implications arising from corporeal experiences within the fields of dance, circus and theatre. By building on interdisciplinary methods of practice based research this programme aims to identify the performative, choreographic and kinaesthetic narratives emerging from new creative processes and contemporary repertoire. It will also look at the way in which the traces of new creative processes can be constituted, transmitted and presented to the public, based on the observation of specific cases from Grenoble and international choreographic creation.

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International Writing Residencies

Led by Lise DUMASY, Laurent GALLARDO, Derek McCORMACK, Lisa MOORE, Helen PARIS, Gretchen SCHILLER

This project, launched in 2019 with Canadian writer Lisa Moore, aims to promote voices of diversity by hosting writers from around the world in residence. It is part of the artist residencies developed since 2016, which promote the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge stemming from artistic practices.

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GeCLA - Genesis of literary and artistic creations

Led by Delphine GLEIZES et Francoise LERICHE

This programme reflects on the creative process, which leads a writer / author, a film director from the project to its completion, from the draft to the definitive text or from the sketch to its final production. This programme reflects on writing techniques by exploring writers and artists’ archives by analysing construction of the artworks as an imaginary and stylistically coherent ensembles.

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OPSIS - Observatory for innovative stage practice

Led by Anne CAYUELA, Alice FOLCO, Séverine RUSET

Dedicated to the analysis of stage practices that reinvent themselves both from a historical and contem-porary perspective OPSIS interrogates and examines the logics of creative practice in the light of technical innovation and socioeconomic contexts. It provides a platform for the development of experimental research as well as a repository of archives made available to the public.

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REFLEX - Reflections on Film as a place of experience

Led by Vincent SORREL

This action research programme proposes reflexive (in terms of thought, projection and analysis) in film (and its varying material forms) and place (if they are creative or presentational) of its experiential nature (of realities, alterities and forms). His work focuses on the organization of filmic creations, their economy in the context of contemporary cinema, and processes of hybridization and intermedia displacement.

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Submitted on June 5, 2023

Updated on March 12, 2024