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Established in the heart of the Grenoble Alpes University, the Structure Fédérative de Recherche Création (n° FED 4269) coordinates research and educational activities around multidisciplinary creative practices and processes in arts, literature, languages and humanities and social sciences at the Maison de la Création et de l’Innovation.

Its scientific approach is based on the following five main areas of research:

  • The experimentation of new languages, forms and practices of creation
  • The analysis of creative processes and practices
  • The historical and temporal studies of creation
  • The observation and criticism of the socio-cultural implications in artistic activities and the arts industry
  • The reflection on the territorial and political aspects of creation

In 2016, the UMR Litt&Arts launched the SFR Creation which now includes thirteen research laboratories and over a hundred academics. The various projects it supports are part of a collegial effort to develop interdisciplinary synergies between theory and practice, research and training.

The structure's federative scope also extends to the establishment of various partnership and collaborations with numerous socio-economic, cultural and artistic players in the Grenoble area, as well as on a national and international scale.

SFR Création sees itself above all as an incubator for projects, encouraging innovative visions, participating in their production and promoting them.

It is also a place for experimentation, exchange and interaction of knowledge and practices a place for experimentation, exchange and interaction of knowledge and practices in the fields of text, literature, languages, theater, film, dance, music and audiovisual media on campus. We encourage the emergence of new interfaces between research and training, by supporting and promoting collaborative projects with local, regional, national and international partners.

SFR Création booklet

Livret de présentation de la SFR Création

Submitted on June 2, 2023

Updated on June 23, 2023