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Projects Idex Performance Lab


CDTools Performance Lab | Listening to performance

Winner of the CDTools 2022-2025 call for project
Led by Nathalie HENRICH-BERNARDONI and Gretchen SCHILLER

For the periode 2022-2025, the Performance Laboratory co directed by Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni (UMR GIPSA lab) and Gretchen Schiller (UMR Litt&Arts) aims to continue researching the ways in which we can better grasp and articulate the ways in which we listen to the human body performing ordinary and extraordinary actions in daily life, live art and sports. The lab will build on the tools put into place since 2018 such as the Performascope, the Body library archive and Kino AI by expanding its scientific ecosystem with four labs: UMR GIPSA-lab (MOVE team), UMR CRESSON, ILCEA4 (cultural studies).

This team will further develop performance research by integrating orality and sound as techniques, tools and dissemination protocols. In turn, this will enhance performance ‘literacy’ and oral heritage with new forms of data collection, analysis and outreach.
Methodologically speaking, we will co construct untapped research protocols in the arts and sciences at UGA, challenging habitual data collection, analysis and documentation practices with three work packages (WP) and research tasks (RT).

CDP Performance Lab | Grasping the sensorial

Winner of the Cross Disciplinary Program 2017-2021 call for project
Led by Anne-Laure AMILHAT-SZARY and Gretchen SCHILLER

Conceived as an international platform, the Performance Lab brings together a community of researchers who are exploring contemporary issues that link embodiment, society and technology.The ambition of the project is to renew the ways in which research is conceived and practiced at Univ. Grenoble Alpes by developing new methods inspired by Anglo-Saxon notions of Performance as Research (PAR), research creation, practice-led and based research.

The aim of Performance Lab is to conduct state of the art research in the fields of performance, digital documentation, performance literacy tools and immaterial and material forms of heritage. The collaborations that will be put into place with non profit and cultural partners in the professional art world both nationally and internationally will allow us to build cutting edge artworks, new tools and methods, as well as innovative documentation that can be integrated into the fields of performance and social sciences.


Interdisciplinary lexicon of the performative turn in research and research creation

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Submitted on June 5, 2023

Updated on March 6, 2024